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AnaLectro represents manufacturers of Precision Measurement Solutions for Testing, Manufacturing and OEM Applications. We specialize in supplying sensors, instrumentation and measurement systems.

Accelerometers and Inertial Sensors and Systems

Industrial, Laboratory and High Performance Piezoelectric, Capacitive and Servo Accelerometers, Rate Gyro’s, Inertial Measurement Units including AHRS. High accuracy Tilt and Angle Measurement Sensors. Predictive Maintenance Vibration and Proximity Sensors

Contact & Non-Contact Displacement, Position and Gaging Products

Free Core and Spring-Loaded LVDT’s, RVDT and Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors. Reflective and Thru-Beam Laser products. Capacitive, Eddy Current, Draw Wire and Confocal Technologies. Laser Scanning and Vision Systems.

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Sensors and IR Cameras

Infrared Temperature Sensors for all targets including glowing and shiny metal surfaces. High Speed Thermal Imager Camera. Handheld Pyrometers.

Color & Gloss Measurement

Handheld, Benchtop & Online Noncontact Spectrophotometers, Quality Control and Color Formulation Systems. Handheld & Online Gloss Measurement. Color Standards & Training Services.

OEM & Precision Pressure

Pressure Sensing solutions covering ranges from “inches of water” to over 100,000 psi. Board Mount, Industrial and Process solutions. Gage, Absolute and Differential sensors.

Force, Torque & Strain Measurement

Piezoelectric and Strain Gage Force measurement sensors from milligram range to over 1,000,000 LBS. Reaction and Dynamic Torque Sensors. Strain Gages for most applications.

Precision Magnetic Sensors & Systems

The Magnetic Sensors product family includes a broad offering of magnetic sensors, magnetometers, compasses and dead reckoning modules. Magnetic Sensors for linear & rotary position sensing.


Data Acquisition & Signal Conditioning Instrumentation

Signal Conditioning solutions for all common sensor types. Spectrum Analyzers and LabView supported Data Acquisition Solutions.


Vibration Test & Measurement Systems

Vibration Controllers, Amplifiers and Shakers. Accelerometers and Non-Contact Vibration Measurement Sensors.



To contact us:

3219 Route 38
Suite 2
Mount Laurel, NJ  08054


Phone: 856-795-6676
Fax: 856-795-4597

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